Ladder 33

2017 Rosenbauer 78 Viper
Ladder 33 is a 2017 Rosenbauer 78’Viper. Commander 3000 series Chassis. 75 Foot aerial ladder. Ladder 33 features a full compliment of ground ladders, various hand tools, a thermal imaging camera, various saws, stokes basket, chimney kit, PPV fan, RIT pack, ropes, lighting equipment, Blitzfire Nozzle, 3 inch and 5 inch supply hose, two 1 3/4 inch crosslays, one 2 1/2 inch crosslay, 400 gallons of water and a 1500 GPM pump. There is seating for six firefighters on the truck.

Rescue 33
2009 Spartan 4 Guys
9,000 Watt light tower and Remotely Activated Awning
Rear of Rescue 33 with Zico ladder to access coffin compartments and two additional halogen lights.
Interior of Cab featuring command/medical desk,
vulcan box lights, and Bostrom SCBA seats.

Brush 33
2006 Ford F-550
Brush 33 is built around a 2006 Ford F-550 4×4 Chassis. Brush 33 was delivered new in January of 2007. The unit was built by Weis Fire and Safety Equipment out of Salina Kansas. Features of the new brush include a 300 GPM CET CAFS system. The unit is capable of pumping water, wet foam, or compressed air foam. The unit carries 400 gallons of water, a 20 gallon foam cell, various hand tools, SCBA for two firefighters, 200′ 1.75″ crosslay, and a booster reel. Brush 33 also features a winch on the front bumper. Other equipment carried by the brush truck includes rakes, shovels, pike poles, haligan bars, axes, and a little giant ladder. The brush features a walkway behind the cab to allow firefighters to ride safely during pump and roll operations. A short hand line is pre connected on the walkway for firefighters to use in pump and roll scenarios.

Tanker 33

Tanker 33 has the following features:

1 Hale 1250 GPM Pump
3000 Gallons of water
2 1.75″ 200′ Crosslays
3000 Gallon Portable pond
2 Draeger SCBA
2 Pike Poles
1 Flathead Axe
1 Pickhead Axe
1 Halligan Bar
1 Propack Portable Foam Application System
300 Feet of 3″ Supply Hose
300 Fet of 5″ Supply Hose
Various Adapters