Ladder 33

2017 Rosenbauer 78 Viper
Ladder 33 is a 2017 Rosenbauer 78’Viper. Commander 3000 series Chassis. 75 Foot aerial ladder. Ladder 33 features a full compliment of ground ladders, various hand tools, a thermal imaging camera, various saws, stokes basket, chimney kit, PPV fan, RIT pack, ropes, lighting equipment, Blitzfire Nozzle, 3 inch and 5 inch supply hose, two 1 3/4 inch crosslays, one 2 1/2 inch crosslay, 400 gallons of water and a 1500 GPM pump. There is seating for six firefighters on the truck.

Rescue 33

2009 Spartan 4 Guys
9,000 Watt light tower and Remotely Activated Awning
Rear of Rescue 33 with Zico ladder to access coffin compartments and two additional halogen lights.
Interior of Cab featuring command/medical desk,
vulcan box lights, and Bostrom SCBA seats.

Tanker 33

Tanker 33 has the following features:

1 Hale 1250 GPM Pump
3000 Gallons of water
2 1.75″ 200′ Crosslays
3000 Gallon Portable pond
2 Draeger SCBA
2 Pike Poles
1 Flathead Axe
1 Pickhead Axe
1 Halligan Bar
1 Propack Portable Foam Application System
300 Feet of 3″ Supply Hose
300 Fet of 5″ Supply Hose
Various Adapters

Brush 33

Brush 33 is a 2017 Ford F350 4×4 Super Duty Utility truck . It has a custom pump with a water tank installed.

Traffic 33

Traffic 33: Is equipped with over 100 traffic cones, multiple road closed, emergency scene ahead, no trucks and other signs. It also has barricades, stop/slow paddles, multiple cases of flares, access control equipment, scene lighting, a generator, fire police command board and more.

Traffic 33-1

Traffic 33-1: is a towable arrow board which is in the process of having cones and other traffic control equipment mounted to it.
Fire companies can simply request our assistance and specify which unit they want to respond.