The officers and members of the Virginville Fire Company send our deepest condolences to the family of Chief Edward “Pop” Squibb and the Shillington Fire Company. We are honored to be a part of the services today to show our gratitude for his lifelong dedication to the fire service.

The community fire company of Virginville is holding a fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse on Thursday, July 29th from 4 to 10pm. If you are interested in supporting us, please print this flyer and present it to the server that night and we will receive 10% of the amount of your purchase. You must present the flyer to the staff there in order for us to receive the donation. Thank you for all your support!

Enhanced Danger for Fire Today and Tuesday…

Enhanced Danger for Fire Spread Today and Tuesday…The danger for fire spread will increase across the region this afternoon as relative humidity values drop into the low to mid 20 percent range and northwest winds gust 20 to 25 mph at times. This combination of low humidity, warming temperatures, and gusty northwest winds will produce favorable conditions for wildfires to ignite and spread, especially this afternoon and early evening. On Tuesday, relative humidity values will again fall into the low to mid 20 percent range across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Northwest winds will be slightly weaker Tuesday, with gusts up to 20 mph at times. Residents are urged to exercise caution handling any potential ignition source, including machinery, cigarettes, and matches. Be sure to properly discard all smoking materials. Any dry grasses and tree litter that ignite will have the potential to spread quickly. For more information about wildfire danger, burn restriction, and wildfire prevention and education, please visit your state forestry or environmental protection website.

Seventh Annual Golf Tournament

brochure Download here

Seventh Annual Golf Tournament of the

Community Fire Company of Virginville.

Rich Maiden Golf Course
September 12, 2020
Shot Gun Start

flyer download here
$75.00 per person
 18 holes of golf
 Golf cart
 Lunch
 Door Prizes
 Golf Course Competitions
 Raffles
Donations and/or door prizes of any kind are appreciated!
For any questions please contact:
Kelly Peter at 610-223-9319
Steve Kreisher at 267-446-2574
All alcohol must be purchased at the golf course.

Phone Number:_____________________________
$75.00 x ______
Make checks payable to and send completed form
Community Fire Company of Virginville
PO Box 122
Virginville, PA 19564
Attn: Golf Tournament
RSVP by Saturday September 5th
Business Name:

Phone Number:

Additional Information you would like on
the sign or an attached business card:

$50.00 per custom made sign
by: Bond Custom Art
Make checks payable to and send
completed form to:
Community Fire Company of Virginville
PO Box 122
Virginville, PA 19564
Attn: Golf Tournament
RSVP by Saturday August 8th

××××××× SOLD ×××××××××



2006 Ford F-550

Brush 33 is built around a 2006 Ford F-550 4×4 Chassis. Brush 33 was delivered in January of 2007. The unit was built by Weis Fire and Safety Equipment out of Salina Kansas. Features of the new brush include a 300 GPM CET CAFS system. The unit is capable of pumping water, wet foam, or compressed air foam. The unit carries 400 gallons of water, a 20 gallon foam cell, 200′ 1.75″ crosslay, and a booster reel. Brush 33 also features a winch on the front bumper. The brush features a walkway behind the cab to allow firefighters to ride safely during pump and roll operations. A short hand line is pre connected on the walkway for firefighters to use in pump and roll scenarios.


For more information on this vehicle,  please contact :

Chief Mark Richards of the Community Fire Company in Virginville, Pennsylvania. 1-941-725-0575

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