The stable next to the Virginville Hotel served the fire company in the 1940s. The Virginville Grange purchased the building and renovated it in 1956, sharing it with the fire company until their new building (right photo), outside the district, was complete in the 1960s. 

December 19th 1944 

Virginville, Pennsylvania.

The citizens of Virginville and the surrounding communities met inside Balthasar’s Garage for the purpose of discussing the  adversibility of forming a fire company for Virginville and the community at Virginville, Pennsylvania.

After discussions by the opinion of the men present it was anonymous that an organization be formed without vote or writing. The presiding chairman Mark Gehringer then entertained nomination for several elective offices as named:


President: Mark Gehringer

Vice president: Leon Zettemoyer

Secretary: Nevin Wagaman

Treasurer: Russell Moyer


Fred Schucker ( three year term)

Walter Sunday (two year term)

George Kerr (one year term)

This was the beginning of the Community Fire Company in Virginville, Pennsylvania.